I taste the supple air,

sweet with hope,

tinged with the fragrance of

the night flower’s bloom.

I fall into myself,

and dance with myself

under the half-kissed

iridescent moon.

And in this moment

I lay in the wonders

of the world,

finding the bliss

in unknowingness.

I reach up to the faintest star

as she appears in

the blanket of dark blue.

She touches me deep,

warming the brokenness

that consumes me from within.


She shines on my bravery.

She shines on my strength.

She shines on my beauty.

She shines on me.

And she simply shines on

the love in which I need.


I bathe in her starlight.

I surrender myself.

I cry in her starlight.

I hold myself.


She is a golden silhouette

lighting my darkest days.

She is the giver of wishes.

She is the giver of wishes.


She grants.


She grants the wish that he whispers,

the wish that I whisper,

the wishes we hold onto.

She grants the wishes that I never even recognized to be true.


And she sees me,

a star girl,

the glistening sparkle that

fell from the sky.

And she sees me,

this star girl,

she understands my

heart’s cry.

She is me,

this star girl,

the first star of the night.

She is me,

this star girl,

my mirror in this

deep life.

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