it was worth it

It was worth every moment

of the darkness,

the agonizing repress

of pain in which forced me to grow.

Tasting death on the brink of my lips,

but not death of my life,

but of part of my soul.

Part of my heart.

It was worth it

to tell you goodbye

through the tears of

deep heartbreak,

and it was worth it to

lose you those nights

when I was forced to

let that part of me die.

It was worth all

the seconds that

seemed forever,

and it was worth reaching

unthinkable lows,

so I could

grow through the endeavor.

It was worth every minute,

every hour,

every day,

every time that I wished

and begged you to come


It was worth loving you,

to lose you,

to show what I deserve.

And it was worth losing you,

to show the games that

are played through

broken reserves.

And it was worth coming back

to you those nights to


to leave,

to reveal truths



through it all

I found a love greater than

all of my fears


and damned.

The right place,

the right time,

it was him I

was meant to


to love.

And through you,

he came.

Through you

I was ready.

Through you,

through it all,

through our loss…

it was worth it.

Yes, it was worth it.

Thank you and goodbye.

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