What can I do?

I ruptured there,

behind the old tales of decades past that

sang like ancient bells,

still ringing,

and singing,

and yearning to be revived.

There’s a darkness within the realm of hard times

and in the grim that shadows the earth in a blanket in deep dark wind.

And, I tried to suppress, yes, I tried to hide

from the demons that found their way to me at night –

because I didn’t like what I’d see inside

after the cover of myself could no longer hide.

And although I try to live in compassion and light,

the darkness reveals truths, the things hidden inside.

And to be quite honest, these honest truths help keep my mind lite –

because lying to oneself does not let you heal right,

and it’s one’s responsibility to heal those things tight,

and those things will make you brave – and help liberate your life.

Which leads me to this topic, because we all suffer the world’s strife –

Because I know I’m not the only one who is affected by the hate knife,

Although, I’m even privileged, just because I’m white.

But waking up is a movement, a dance in rain,

this is not the time to hide, don’t you see the bullets reign?

A movement, this must stop, this horrid game,

that’s taking more lives for granted

and more lives left to perish –

and it’s killing us all deeply.

We hide it,

and repress it,

and block it away, with a wall we build around ourselves each day 

but don’t you see, it’s a troubled world and it’s our lost family,

it’s the drunk in the park who couldn’t wipe away insanity,

And it’s a fucking huge deal,

and we shut out the thoughts because what can one do,

what can I do,

what is it that is even useful?

And yes, we are all responsible

for ourselves,

and our lives,

but gosh darn this has been broken for some time 

and I’m sick and tired of the pieces moving

to build up these men at arms

who rape our soil

and rape our women, our lives

and rape our planet dry.

So what can I do and what can you do,

the next time the beggar on the corner needs love in his life too,

and what about the other living beings on this earth

who are filling the bellies of blind sheep, the herds?

And what is the solution, the riddle to this rhyme?

I don’t know but hasn’t it been enough time.

Hasn’t it been enough time?

I’m at fault too, yes, I’m at fault, as much as you,

and as much as the ones we put power into.

I use plastic daily and my ego is always there to delay me,

and I have lied,

and I have sinned,

and I have loved myself more than them,

so how does this broken world actually mend?

I have seen the power of love,

and I have witnessed the strength in compassion.

I have felt the healing of deep wounds

and the liberation of being.

I have danced in the astral planes

and I have connected with ancestral banes,

and I want to hope that as I heal myself,

I help heal part of humanity as well.

But what will it really take?

The riots are not okay,

and the police just misbehave

and our culture still lives in patriarchal ways,

and the mind states of the masses grow each day,

but in which way?

In which way?

Towards twitter and insta-fame?

I am but a person,

feeling the entire universe.

And the old sick man who is all alone,

is a person, feeling his universe.

We can’t neglect.

We must love.

We can’t hide.

We must love.

And the next time I turn my eyes downwards instead smiling

and hugging the hurting ones,

I pray that I’m reminded of these feelings this day.

I breathe.

I take a deep breath.

Sometimes it’s all I can do to make myself okay.

Depression and anxiety have scraped me in many ways,

and yet I’m still breathing,

and I’m still living,

and bless the ones who are still living,

that haven’t given up despite the pain.

And bless the ones that couldn’t take the pains of this world

and left in their own ways.

So, help me, help you.

What can I do for you today?

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