a sliver of a moment

a reckoning of sunlight
carrying the parcels
of this last brigade.

was it easy?

no, i was not ready
for the tainted moonlight
to erase
the warmth from
sun-kissed melodies –

the untouched demons
of my darkest days.

an unforgiving heart
that has fought desperately
to embrace
the dryness of last winter,
following me to cold summer days.


there was a peace within me,
one moment,
not long ago,

there is a piece within me
that yearns for you,
that i know.

when this season is gone,
when i’m even further from home –

when my private desires plead for
you to bestow –

when i’m all but forgotten
from the star-lit night,

when the sparkle i hold
no longer shines for you bright –

these will be the moments

these will be the tales

of a girl dancing with fire –

of a girl filled with mire –

slivering into a brisk
the start of her longest


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