I am the gray clouds streaking down through the sunset,

amidst the top –

floating on orange cliffs –

Saturated in old beginnings…

and new endings…

I find this fork,

this path in life,

the path in time to be

what I have been growing for,

what I have been waiting for,

what I have been yearning for –

And here I go

onwards on,

onwards on,

on and on…

to the desert

out west –

following the sunset,

following the sun


And as the road continues,

the road continues



on –

My life continues,

my life continues



on –

And I shed my past,

a snakes skin,

I shed my past and leave it there –

behind the border that I crossed,

I leave it over there.

And will I remember?

Oh, I’ll remember.

Yes, I will pray for you.

I will always love you.

But, it hurts, you see?

It hurts, you see,

to be kissed by a glimmer of hope

that shadows my past like rising smoke,

a haze.

A ghostly mountain.

A maze that only

maybe will be solved.

And I can I be patient…

Oh, honey for you,

I would walk a thousand moons,

but I must move on too.

I must move on too.

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