“But what about my heart?” asked the girl, as she looked into the eyes, of the universal force that came flowing from deep inside.

“Your heart will be okay. Your heart will be alright. Just love yourself, and go forth with passion through the night.”

“Will I ever be free?” She asked the mystery, of life that flooded through her veins, thoughts that wrestled in her brain.

“You will be, what you will be.” Replied the mystery.

Content she sat next to a tree, a star sparkled, glistening.

“I hurt sometimes. I yearn for more. Shall I just sit and wait? It’s my heart for goodness sake! Must I always feel this way?”

“Life’s not easy, but love can be. But the choice is only yours. Don’t count on others to give you the key to heaven’s doors. You have access anytime, don’t you forget. You are strong. You are love. Emit it for a bit.”




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