Lingering Damp Reality

Sometimes I realize just how small I am.

Hiding under a facade of security,
wearing it like a blanket from the cold, damp reality that lingers in my mind.

Things I’ve never done,
moments that were never fully true.

Depictions of images, interpreted.

Hearing voices inside, screaming to feel free.

Crying for peace.

Then I wake myself.

I breathe in with love.

I think of beauty.

I remember light.

I think of friends.

I think of family.

I become free.

I become light.

I become beauty.

I become love.

I become myself…

And in return I become we.

And we conquer the hatred.

And we remind others,
of their beauty, of their light.

And we continue to journey,
through space and time.

And we secure ourselves in our old insecurities.

Which aligns us with human mortality…

Which in return allows us to be infinite beings…

Which gives us the ability to see…

Which gives us the ability to understand…

Sometimes it gets damp.
Sometimes it gets cold.
But we all must go on,

into the infinite.

into the unknown.

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