¨teåcher øf selƒ

In the tubular tunnels of the mind’s existence,

lies a foundation of nothingness, under a vast wave of everything.

And in this wave, you’ll hear them. you. everyone. [we].

And when [we] speak, listen.

Hear [us] in the heart, within [our] inner most struggles — and [our] deepest strengths.


Caress the vigor, the energy that dwells inside.

Feel with everything.

Cry. Sit. Laugh.


In, out. Watch the expansion. Experience the collapse.

Understand both sides.

Recognize the corners blinded by perception.

Like a multi-dimensional diagram on a two dimensional plane,

Awaken the inner child; Let it see the development of self.

Acknowledge the wisdom; appreciate the lack of.


Never stop growing::




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