Twinkles The Realms Of Mind

Full moon in Gemini twinkles the realms of the mind. We must pierce through the illusions, the duality, and the fear, to the LOVE that is ever present.” -Mystic Mamma

Ever since the major Shift,

the archetypes of homo sapiens changed.

The ones that attempt to seek Truth, seem to be reconnecting with Source at a much higher rate.

The focus is turning towards the mind. The heart aligns.

Idiosyncratic symbols dance through the brain. The intelligence of man grows.

And in this time of alignment, especially today. Twice a year to be exact…

When Gemini moon aligns with Sagittarius sun, the realm of our mind is opened by a key of truth.

And that truth could mean one thing to one, and one to another.

Like the idiosyncratic symbols that dance through the brain.

By the same principle, language follows.

Realizing that words are not only arbitrary, but are also idiosyncratic signs as well.

Taking language and thoughts,

comparing, synchronizing…

again finding Truth.

And we evolve.

And we speak through minds.

And we dance under both sun and moon.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.07.11 PM




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